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Junior High Youth Ministry

We provide our junior high students in sixth through eighth grades with a keen sense of unity, community, and fellowship, essential in building positive peer relationships. We bring each student to an experience and knowledge of the fundamental building blocks of moral and spiritual formation at this key developmental stage.  Our catechists nurture a deep sense of personal self-worth, acknowledging each person as worthy of dignity and respect, preparing them for greater participation in parish and community life.

Sixth through eighth grades meet in the parish hall Tuesday evenings weekly from 6-7:30 p.m. September through May.

Program highlights include:

Group Gaming

Non-competitive community building activities.

All Saints Day

Sandwich making to feed the poor delivered to local soup kitchens.



Annual community building event!

Game Night

A fun activity night using cooperative games building trust and friendship.

Role Plays & Skits

Interactive learning models are used to bring the content to life.

Service Activities

Miscellaneous service activities are organized through the year, including clothing and food collections for the poor and needy.

Contact Information:

John Bruscia, Director of Children’s and Youth Ministry

(949) 673-2719,


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